Romanian national group

What did the Romanian national group think about the project I’m not Dangerous? 

Here you can discover it in this article wrote by all their group!

30 young people, 6 countries, 8 days, a single aim. To discuss immigration issues from our cultures, ways to raise awareness of the existence of these issues and possible ways how to fix these problems. During the period 1st – 8th of October, we took part on the Youth exchange “I’m not dangerous . I’m in danger!”, Erasmus+ project implemented by Come Pensiamo organization in Don Bosco village, Foggia region and became more aware how immigration affects today society and what how it’s pictured in Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Romania, Spain and Turkey.


To start with, we were introduced into the current situation of the immigrans in Foggia region, we conducted interviews to also understand the situation in the participants country. In this way we discovered the similarities and differences between the situation of the respective countries. All this through non-formal education methodologies, in an informative but also very fun way!

One of the most powerful experiences that we had in this project it was visiting Borgo Mezzanone ghetto „la Pista”. We had the chance to interact with the immigrants and see their daily struggles. Even though they are living in bad conditions, they are still thinking about their families back home and send them a big part of the little they earn here. In spite of this, we could see at Casa Sankara that they can still be full of hope and keep a positive and warm attitude.

After this project we can say that immigration is indeed a real problem at a global level. Although it doesn’t affect our daily live we have to admit that we are all part of this issue at some point and we are all responsible to make little steps for improving the situation. #ComePensiamo can make a difference in the world, in the end all that matters is not how many things you have, but how many relationships you create.

We are Anca, Daniel, Livia, Stefan B and Stefan F and we are thankful for all the knowledge we gained and we are willing to take it forward into our communities so that hopefully in the near future all these issues will disappear!