Spanish national group

What did the Spanish national group think about the project I’m not Dangerous? 

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We are five persons from Spain who had spent an amazing week in the project “I´m not dangerous I´m in danger” in Foggia (Italy). We share this great experience with people from Turkey, Lithuania, Estonia, Rumania and Italy and we have learnt about the migrant situation in many European countries.

We have done different activities but we are going to speak about the ones that have changed our immigration’s vision in Italy.

First of all, we had some interviews between persons from different countries where we shared our thoughts about the migrants situation in our own nation and theirs. As consequence of this activity we have discovered new points of view, for example there are countries where there is no migrant tradition where the refugees arrivals during the last few years has collapsed the integration process and the immigration Law. On the other hand, there are countries like Spain who are used to have been receiving massive migrants for a long time. In our opinion have the chance to discover these differences is very enriching.

One of the best activities we have done was visiting Casa Sankara. It means an opportunity for getting out of ghettos. They are an example of community, solidarity and self-managed. In our meeting they showed us how happy and friendly human could be with almost nothing. They were actually welcoming and we spent such a good time together.

The most powerful mind changed activity we have accomplished was visiting Ghetto La Pista. We had the chance to see in real life something that we only had seen through TV. For us it was a shocking experience in which we saw their extreme living situation, such us their houses are made of recycled materials taken from the garbage. In addition to this, we realized their poor hygienic conditions like that they didn’t have proper bathrooms.

However, everything wasn’t so bad, because we realised that they tried to develop their own business, get a job, help each other… In addition, it was an excellent new to know that nowadays there is the half population than they used to be three months ago.

We have learned so much about italian migration system and we are able to compare it with our own system. We check how difficult is escaping from mafias and we have improved our critical point of view. This experience make us being more empathic and respectful.

We are writing this article during a huge stormy night and we are in a safe place while they are suffering that horrible weather consequences. This make us realise how different our life could be if we came from another place in the world.

As a conclusion, we have learned to communicate with each other, respect different opinions, be open minded, solve problems and find solutions.