Day 7: our Youthpass

Our path: day by day we grew up, meeting new people from different countries and background, we discovered a world that often is hidden by the community.

During the project we had the opportunity to keep  in touch with people who lives in the Ghetto and with the associations who work with immigrants for their rights.

We had the chance to stay together in a international community made by us -young people from different European countries- and people from disadvantage places in the world.

Through the activities we improved our competences and reflected about our learning path.

We received our Youthpass, the official certificate of the youth exchange, which is the proof of our improvements, achievements, abilities related to the project.

An important moment to increase our awareness about the importance to be active citizen in our communities and in Europe, for a better approach to social problems and to a new perspective for social inclusion without prejudices and stereotypes.