Forth day: Frontiera TV-Emergency-Baobab-Libera

In the morning we met Emiliano Moccia, From Frontiera TV, which has chosen the FRONTIER as a place to communicate; it’s the first web television dedicated to the issues of interculturality and migration and it’s promoted by the Province of Foggia.

It wants to approach and know the stories and the ways of life of migrants, their culture and their habits, but also the hard work of the host community with services and reports.

Then we met Sergio Colavita, the representative of EMERGENCY that is an indipendent Italian Organisation who since 1994 provides free, high quality medical and surgical treatment to the victims of war and poverty, promoting a culture of respect for human rights and solidarity.

We had also the pleasure to met Domenico La Marca who represent BAOBAB an open space for all citizens, a meeting point in which the different cultures in Foggia know and compare.

They orientate the access to the services offered on the territory in order to ensure protection of rights, a legal counseling and italian courses with support of linguistic mediators to migrants and citiziens.

We know also LIBERA NGO: the network of over 1600 associations, who spread the culture of legality and justice, a non profit organisation with the aim to combate Mafia and Organized Crime traying to export the work of confiscated property abroad.

So…good job everybody!