Third day: “Casa Sankara Ghetto out” and “Và ‘zapp”

Today we spent most of the day in casa Sankara, the legal alternative to the Ghetto.

The place was abandoned for 20 years until that Hervè Latyr Faye, the president coming from Senegal, fighted to have assigned it with the aim to host refugees and give a chance of work using the 20 hectares of ground around that.

Now they can host 250 immigrants but they are trying to add 200 more.

They  organize laboratory of music, handicraft, course to make Batik, tipical cooking courses, they also create a huge homemade oven to make pizza and attract people to Casa Sankara.

In the afternoon we met the habitants, and we played djembè, we had fun playing football with children and we dance all together!

At the end we had the pleasure to met the representative of  Và ‘zapp, a social innovation community who wants to change the concept of agriculture towards cooperation, giving new dignity to agriculture, connecting farms with the tourist sector, in short, farm and culture…FOODSCOVERY-DISCOVERY!